Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weather and Updates

This weather reallllllly sucks. One would think that the benefit of living in a part of the country where we deal with cold temps for 7 or so months of the year is that we would at least have really nice summer temperatures. That would be wrong.

You can sort of see the damage to my (grandparent's) roof
Around 3 weeks ago we were still in the 60s for highs and now in the last week we've had two days with a heat index in the 100s and more days in the upper 80s with high humidity. We've also had a few really bad thunder storms and some tornado warnings.

Hail from Sunday. This is what was
left over 4 hours after the storm so it was bigger
There is just no way that any of us (including the horses) can get used to that huge swing in temperature that quickly. Tonight, with a heat index of 102*, we decided to reschedule my lesson. Apparently the dew point was 73% which is extremely humid and it's like trying to breath underwater. We certainly aren't going to expect the pony to work in this soup so instead we're going to do my lesson early in the morning this weekend when it's a bit cooler.

Despite all of the weather stuff something really clicked a few weeks ago. I think that most of you are aware of the struggles I've had with riding consistently. It's both a lack of motivation and babying my pony and giving her more breaks then she really needs. I'm not sure what happened but I've been riding consistently and not using every little indication of Katai being tired to give her a day off.

Still not sure what happened but it's been so good to just go and ride and work on stuff and not worry about it or doubt myself all the time. Of course then the weather goes and does this and I need to take a couple days off and reschedule my lesson because of it...

I really like this picture :)
This is hotter than average for us at this point in the year and if it continues I may need to get creative with my riding schedule. Luckily Jane is fine with me being at the barn at any hour and has told me that she doesn't believe in having "hours" so that we can see our horses whenever we want :) However, if I ride early in the morning I'll be driving a good distance during rush hour and I'm already not leaving the house until nearly 7:30. If I leave closer to 8:30 it would be slightly cooler but I wouldn't get home until nearly midnight.

Oh well, we'll adjust and get it figured out. It's just such a big thing to get used to a 50* difference in a matter of weeks.


  1. Trying to figure out times to ride when it's this hot and muggy are the worst. I'm so lucky that my job offered the option of "summer hours" so I can flex to a later start and get horses worked at 6 am. Hopefully you guys get a break from the heat soon so you can get back to lessons and regular riding!

    1. It really is, especially with the humidity. That's awesome! It's looking like by the end of the week we'll be back in the 70s so that would be amazing!

  2. WE just had a couple days of high temps and hummidity and were miserable. It's much more civilized today. :)
    I'm glad that you are back to riding consistently and getting good results.

    1. Good! I'm hoping that this will change soon :)

  3. Is that range of temps unusual for your area? Last week it was 43F Tuesday night and then 91F Thursday day, we just call it spring in Alberta ;)
    Granted though, we don't have the humidity which makes things easier.

    1. Not really although this is atypically warm for early June. I'm mainly worried that we're going to have a really hot summer but if it cools back down it won't be as big of deal. Yeah the humidity makes it so much worse :(