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Things for Sale

I really enjoyed Jen from Cob Jockey's post about budget and it was especially interesting to read since I've been doing a lot of work to improve my budgeting over the past year. Thanks to my bf and a new banking system I have a really solid system in place at this point.

It meant that when I got my refund I used it to pay off my smallest debt (so that I can snowball to the next one), put an emergency fund fully in place, and put just a bit in a trailer saving fund. I'm going to be trying to find every opportunity to increase that fund this year so that I can either get a trailer later this year or potentially next year. With that in mind, and minimizing because of the small apartment, I've been going through my horse equipment and culling some of the nice things that I haven't been using for one reason or another.

I figured I'd post it here to see if other bloggers are interested and if not I'll be posting these things to Facebook.

Let me know if you'r…

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