Monday, August 7, 2017

Steady: Lesson Recap 8/6

As a princess it's important to admire oneself in the mirror
This amazing princess pony is so perfect for me and my lifestyle that I don't quite know how I got so lucky. Of course it's not just because Katai is amazing, I'll owe Jane for the rest of my life for making the changes she has in my riding.

Sure Katai may have matured and maybe other things changed in her lifestyle that helped but whatever I was doing with my riding before wasn't working and was leading to at least one blow up per ride. Most rides we couldn't even consistently trot nicely on a 20 meter circle. Then Jane comes along and this pony becomes steady, happy, relaxed, consistent, and starts to love her job so clearly Jane made huge improvements in me, my riding and, of course, my mindset.

On Saturday for my first ride back I didn't push Katai much. As mentioned in a previous post we did lots of stretchy relaxed work and I was impressed especially since it had been 2 weeks since I'd ridden and the temperature had majorly dropped.

Sometimes dealing with the paparazzi gets old though
On Sunday though I had a make up lesson and I still sort of expected that she might have a minor tantrum since it was her second ride in a row, we were going to push more, and the temperature was still quite cool. I needn't have been worried since she was relaxed and happy and everything felt easy.  We still did keep it pretty easy, took lots of walk breaks, and just focused on rhythm, relaxation, and bending. We pushed more at the canter and leg yield than anywhere else but didn't get even a minor pony melt down.

Jane complimented me on Katai's nice steady rhythm right from the start (something we've both majorly struggled with) and I was also really happy with her especially with the long break.

Not a bad confirmation shot.
Also she's sort of glowing blue, should I be worried about Grues in the arena?
Katai was very wiggly, didn't really want to give when trying to bend to the left, and I lost a lot of strength in my core so my seat at the canter needs some work but overall things were amazingly good.


  1. She really does sound like a very special pony and I bet she feels equally lucky to have found you!