Saturday, June 17, 2017


I've always kind of wondered if Katai likes me. Obviously it doesn't really matter but since she's my partner in this dressage journey I'd really like for her to enjoy her time with me. Often when I look at her she'll look a bit crabby so, while she whinnies to me as I drive up and walks up to me in the pasture, I've just assumed that she's not particularly fond of me.

Then I watched this video that I took to show Katai's progress with the hose and the wash rack. I can see here how connected she is to me and how, while she is looking for peppermints she's also looking to me for reassurance. So fun to be able to see this and to know that maybe she is sort of fond of me :)


  1. I've never doubted it. Givenbow she let you load her on a trailer and do other things.

  2. It's always fun when our horses let us know how much they value us :) you guys have built quite a relationship!

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Bobby likes me too, and then he was licking my face while getting his feet done over the weekend. Love is disgusting. ;P