Saturday, April 8, 2017

Poked and Prodded

Poor pony has ended up with quite the schedule this week. Surprisingly today was the vet so she got her teeth done, shots, and coggins pulled.

I say surprisingly because for some reason I had it in my head that tomorrow was the 8th so when I sat down this morning to pay bills and realized it was the 8th I had a minor heart attack. Made even worse when I looked at my watch and realized that it was 9:55 and the vet was scheduled for 10:00. Luckily I knew that there were at least 6 horses he was going to be seeing at the barn so I had a bit of time but I still rushed out the door and called Jane on the way to let her know I'd be late.

I ended up getting there at an ok time as he'd already done initial coggins and vaccines with most of the horses and Katai was the next on his list. He had a helper there with him and unfortunately Katai ended up ramming her into the door on the way out of her stall. Katai is never at her best when we change her routine so she and the helper had a little conversation on their way out of the barn and then while she stood for coggins pictures. She was dancing a bit and on her toes as she was led back to her stall but then stood like a rock for shots. The vet was clearly surprised after her earlier poor behavior and I giggled and told him that she was a champion at shots :)

From last time she got her teeth done.
Look what a fluffy baby she was then!
He gave her an initial dose of sedative and then went to do some exams with the other horses. She ended up being such a cheap drunk that he didn't need to give her anything else and she was very good for her float. I think this may only be her second time but she was way better than last time. I had meant to get her done every 2 years or so but forgot last spring when the vet was there that she was due and didn't remember until this past fall. I was a bit worried but also hadn't noticed any symptoms of a sore mouth so I decided, with Jane's support, to wait until this spring. The vet said she looked fine, just a couple sharp edges and one small ulcer. I'll definitely be sure to not wait so long next time but I was pleased that she wasn't worse.

Then, on Wednesday she has a massage scheduled! It was supposed to happen on the 2nd but ended up being rescheduled for this week on the 12th.

Finally, on Thursday she's getting her feet trimmed. I was laughing with Jane that she'll be a whole new pony ;)


  1. I'm glad that she was well behaved for her annual vet visit!

    1. Me too! I'm so thankful that she's a good girl about shots especially since she's such a sensitive flower about everything.