Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lesson Recap with Video!!!

Yes! I have media, and not just any media but a video.

Unfortunately we had the heater running so there was a very loud buzzing in the background that covered up everything and was annoying to listen to. Instead you get to listen to one of my favorite tracks from the past month. However, even if you can't hear what Jane's saying you can see how effective she is in changing the way I'm riding.

Just to recap my rides last week, I was out of town through Thursday and wasn't able to make it to the barn on Friday which meant that Katai hadn't been ridden since Sunday. When I got to the barn on Saturday she was fine in the crossties but a little firecracker to ride and she actually had such a hump in her back that I almost got off and lunged. Instead I was able to ride her through it and got some good stretchy work. I was able to get her loosened up enough that I was encouraged that my lesson would be productive.

You can watch in 1080 if you go to Youtube and see the full quality video 
if you're curious about the quality from the Polaroid Cube

The first clip is from early in the lesson where Katai was quite stiff and reluctant to bend appropriately. The second clip is from closer to the middle of the lesson where we were starting to get Katai much looser. Finally, the third clip is a walk break and you may be tempted to skip to the end but if you watch till the last couple of seconds there's a good easter egg curtesy of Jane ;)

I love my instructor!!

There isn't much that's exciting to watch since we were just focused on helping Katai loosen up and get steadier in the contact after the break while I was in Seattle. We did some leg yields and canter spirals at the end but unfortunately I didn't think to charge the camera before my lesson so it stopped before we got there. I'll try again next time and hopefully have more interesting movements to watch.

I may have my next lesson this evening but if the weather is as bad as they say it will be I'll have it this weekend instead. Either way I'll post a recap!


  1. Looking great! I'm totally interested in getting a cube now!

    1. Thank you!! I'm loving mine and would highly recommend it :)

  2. Love Bon Iver ;) and the little Cube does a great job!

    1. Me too!!! He's supposedly going to be performing at a local concert this summer and I'm already so excited about getting tickets this spring! I'm really loving my new little camera :)