Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Equestrian Blogging Community FTW

I LOVE this community. I feel like it's a rare thing on the internet to find such an amazing group of positive, helpful, and welcoming people. I'm hoping to meet more of you at some point but even through electronic communication it's been great getting to know everyone. How amazing this community is was really emphasized to me over the past couple of weeks!

After I posted my TSF girth review for the Stretchtec girth I bought, I received a message from Emilie over at BecausePony. She was wondering if I was going to put my 24" Havana girth up for sale. I let her know that I'd thought about it but hadn't listed it or done anything about it yet and that if she wanted it I'd be happy to arrange something. Then she came up with the amazing idea of a partial trade for a piece of her artwork.

I jumped on it since I've been wanting to get more photos/artwork of Katai. It's amazing to have such an incredible pony that I love in every way. I still can't quite believe that I'm in this place with her and where I feel like I have such an amazing riding partner that I want to own for the rest of her life.

I talked about a few options with Emilie but eventually decided on a more cartoonish full body drawing of Katai from one of my favorite pictures of her. This is the result :)

I LOVE it!!! It so perfectly captures her pony attitude and I can't believe how well Emily captured her expression in cartoon version and her coloring. I'm going to get a copy printed for my wall and of course it's going to get posted more on this blog.

If any of you would like an amazing drawing of your horse or pony you should check out Emilie's art at http://becausepony.com.



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