Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Project

I've been shopping for a cute brow band for awhile now but have been having a lot of trouble finding one that I like that's not prohibitively expensive. What I've been looking for is a U shaped brow band in brown, of course, with pink beads and a nice interesting pattern.

After another fruitless night of searching I decided that I'd just try to make one myself. After a quick Ebay search I found a blank channel brow band in a U shape that was Havana for $22! A quick stop at a local Michaels and $20 of beads later (I'd have enough for three more brow bands though) and I came up with this.

The bead thing in the middle is a Lotus flower which I think is appropriate but just a little too much.
After a little thought I decided it was just too busy so I redid it a little simpler and ended up with this brow band that I think totally fits my pony and her personality :-)
Pony not please with pictures instead of treats.

Yes, my pony is going after my Starbucks but those eyelashes tho
At some point this year a PS of Sweden bridle is on my list and at that point I'll probably use one of their sparkly brow bands but I really do like this one!

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