Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I get to leave tomorrow morning for six glorious days in Kentucky!!!! I am so freaking excited not only to be going there, since I’ve never been to Kentucky, but also to have the time off. I haven’t been on a real vacation since I went on a two week road trip in 2004 with my mom. Each summer I’ve taken a few four day weekends and I usually have some time off around Christmas but that’s it. It’s the price I’ve paid for being the new kid at work and working places that don’t tend to have vacation time.

Lisa and I have been planning a vacation to Kentucky for a long time. She has a friend there with a few spare guest rooms who has been inviting her to visit and she’s been wanting the two of us to be able to go down there and do touristy things. Back at the beginning of the summer when we decided we were just going to buy tickets so that we couldn’t put it off any longer she asked if there was any specific date that I would like to go down there. I, of course, did a search for when the National Dressage Pony Cup was taking place and it was this weekend!

I get to see ponies doing dressage in Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park!!!!

We are also going to see a horse race, bourbon tour, wine tasting, live music, and a weanling auction. I plan on blogging throughout the trip :)

It is a weird time to leave with all of my current unhappiness at the barn but I already heard back from two barn owners this morning and will be going to visit both next week once I’m back. I have a couple more to set up and plan on doing that while I’m gone. I am really looking forward to this actually and hope that I can find a great, FUN place to ride where I can also continue to learn.


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