Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Dragon Awakes

The fire breathing pony dragon that is. Between being gone for vacation, pony not getting her supplements, and the suddenly cool weather Katai has been a bit hot to say the least :)

I got her back on her supplements right away and after a really rough ride on Thursday she was pretty good Monday (I just did ground work on Saturday) but pretty tough again today. She is figuring things out she's just so hot that all she wants to do is run and she doesn't think before she reacts. Hopefully more supplements and a few more rides and she'll be back to herself.

The rest of my vacation was great! I watched more of the Dressage Pony Cup on Sunday and then on Monday we went to a Keenland yearling sale! I got to see a yearling filly sell for 1.1 million and a colt go for 1.95 million although I later found out that that one didn't make his reserve.

Keenland bathrooms. Yes, I was impressed...

In other news the move is official! I'm moving Katai to a great facility that's only about 10 minutes further away. The instructor teaches more different things including useful stuff like trailer loading and it positive and happy. She approaches her lessons with a sense of fun which is exactly what I'm looking for. On top of that the arena is heated! The facility is very similar otherwise and I can't wait to move in and make it home :-) I move Katai on 10/8. 

I have a lesson tomorrow and hopefully she will be calm and happy so that we can have fun!

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