Saturday, April 12, 2014

Outbreak Part II: Delayed Again

Let me start by saying that I’m so sorry for anyone who lost a horse recently due to EHV-1 and all of you who have either had a horse pass away or who are currently caring for a sick horse are in my thoughts. It would be an extremely horrible thing to go through.

 Now, with that being said, my move has been delayed again. I’m certainly not interested in risking any horses, either my own or those at the new barn, but I’m so anxious to move to the new place! Last night I had my weekly riding lesson and it went extremely well. I also have been able to continue to observe barn things and this is why I love this barn.

The farm from above. Mares to the right, geldings to the left. You can see the outdoor and indoor and the pond is surrounded by an eventing course.

1. No mud!!!!! Seriously, the place that Katai is living right now looks like one big mud pit which is quite normal with all of the snow we’ve melted and especially with how quick it’s been melting this year but sometimes I feel like my pony is living in a cesspool. The current barn owner hasn’t turned on the water to the barn yet either so there is no way to wash off mucky feet. The new place has well drained pens and gravel walkways. I was able to get my horse in my paddock boots and not get them mucky at all vs. needing to wear my waders.

2. The people. Sure there are the one or two competitive types but I like those people and respect them. I let them do their thing and just concentrate on myself. I haven’t heard any back biting or negative comments and mostly the barn is made up of eventers who seem to be a more practical lot and are the type of people I grew up around.

3. There are always people there. This may get old eventually but I ride by myself about 90% of the time right now and it gets REALLY old. A huge part of why I wanted to board, vs. keeping my horse on my own property, is so that I can be around other horse people and I will finally have that opportunity.

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