Sunday, May 5, 2013

Important Details

I finally got something extremely important figured out.

Katai's colors are Navy and Pink!!!

In other news, the reason the saddle and pad were in the barn today, normally I store them in the house, is because I rode!!! She was excellent and it was her first real ride in her Dressage tack. We were both clean and neat and I would have loved pictures but I figured out after I climbed on that there wasn't anyone around. If I had known that when I went out there I never would have even ridden since I never ride when there isn't someone that can run for help but it all worked out.

Katai did way better than last time I rode and I pushed a little bit more than I have in the past. She is still young enough that she easily feels overfaced and tends to march along as a happy little pony until all of a sudden it gets to be too much and she blows up. I'm starting to find that line where it overwhelms her though which helps alot. The biggest issue is that she still doesn't really want to go forward. She is waaaaayyy freer than she was when I very first tried to ride her and all of the lunging, CA work and ground driving have helped a lot but I still have some work to do.

With that being said though she was a very good pony. There were no grumpy ears, no shies, and no real attitude. I'm hoping to ride again tomorrow although she does need some more work on her hooves, I got some done yesterday, and more work in the side reins to teach her to work through her back better.

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