Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Is finally here :)

Katai got to go out in her baby pasture today and she was beautiful to watch running along the fence line and on the hills. She finally settled down to graze and seemed to like that even better.

It was cool to see how independent she is. She would get to the end of her pasture where she couldn't see any other horses and the thoroughbreds started calling her. She just lifted her head, went pffft, literally, and went back to exploring or grazing. It certainly made me laugh.

Before she went out I worked on her hooves since it was another hoofday-tuesday. They are looking good and she was finally being patient while I worked on the back ones which was a huge improvement. I'll have pictures to share, hopefully soon. I also did a bunch of grooming to help with spring coat removal. I got a nice sized pile and should soon be able to build another pony.

Tomorrow should be hooves again but I may lunge instead.

I'm so glad that summer is finally here!!!

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