Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dressage Pony

I wish I wish I had taken pictures today!! I pulled Katai out between storms after spending the rest of the morning cleaning the barn, groomed her and got her ready to lunge. The place I have been lunging was mucky so I took her further out in the field and lunged her going in both directions.

She was releasing and trotting really nice in both directions so I hooked up the side reins and started her out to the left. I was thinking it would take at least a couple of minutes before she again realized that trotting with her head low was more comfortable but she got it instantly! She was completely awesome so after a couple of minutes I changed directions and sent her to the right and she got it instantly on that side too.

Sue is such an incredible horse. She gets all this stuff so quickly and has just the right amount of spirit and heat to her. To make her fun without being too naughty. I completely adore her and I think she's finally starting to realize it :)

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