Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alone Time

The past week has been pretty quiet and not much has been accomplished with Katai. The temperature has dropped again to below 30 and that's pretty much my limit for training so she's been sitting ie. running around like an idiot playing with Myshla. Last weekend though I did bring her into the stall and tie her for some alone time/standing tied time. She is very clingy and while she walks away from the herd perfectly fine she is not good when she realizes she is alone or if she has to watch them leave her. She has started to look to me when she is on her own which is a huge improvement but it certainly needs some more improvement.

After her initial 10 minute freak out she was quite good and I was even able to make some more progress on her hooves. We are on a 1-2 week trim cycle right now so that I can continue to get her heels trimmed properly. The space of time in between is important too though since she needs time to adjust to her new feet each time especially on the foot with the steep heel angle because while her living sole would suggest that that foot can be around the same angle of the other there is still a reason that she grows more heel on that foot and I would guess that it's because of an issue higher up in her shoulder. The time in between gives her body a chance to adjust in small increments to the different angles.

My barefoot trimmer has been quite impressed with the progress I've made so far. She is from southern Minnesota so I just take a lot of pictures to send her but she has been a valuable resource and is great at critiquing my photos and letting me know if I'm on the right track.

Goal Recap:
I completely failed at meeting my goals for last week but I'll blame it on the weather. I'm going to set a couple of very reachable goals this week in case it's still cold like its supposed to be.

This weeks goals are;

To get some more pictures of my adorable pony so this blog isn't as boring.

Work on her feet again on one of the warmer days

More alone/tied time in the stall

I think next week is supposed to be getting warmer so hopefully we can get back on track with more real training goals then :-)

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