Friday, October 2, 2015


This week has been a mixed bag. After last week being so amazing it's a little disappointing but I'm continuing to learn how to improve to make another incredible week possible.

My main issue has been my schedule. Being an adult sucks sometimes and recently I feel like there just isn't enough time in a day. After never having much of a social schedule I suddenly feel like I've got all kinds of events I could participate in and even with being selective I'm running out of time.

Last Sunday after my lesson I had finally decided to take the rest of the day for myself to decompress after my previous busy week. Unfortunately that still meant doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning out my car, cleaning my room, doing dishes, cooking dinner, and taking Veggie out for a walk since those were all things I failed at the week before.

On Monday I had my normal day off riding and thanks to my work from the day before I actually spent a quiet weekend, curled up in bed, binge watching How To Get Away With Murder (sooooo good, you should seriously watch it!). It was a wonderful quiet evening and I feel like I need more of those sometimes.

     How I function on my late barn nights

Then on Tuesday I had a date and was proud that I went straight from work, got there on time, did the whole date thing and then got home, took Veggie out and went to the barn. I had a WONDERFUL ride and got to hang out and talk horses with someone that I used to board with at the last barn who also moved because of what was going on there. I got home around 10:00 and pretty much went right to bed.

Wednesday I had my yearly physical, had to leave straight from work again, and had plans to ride but was just too burnt out to make it happen.
   The ladies at the barn found a Fresian weanling blanket that fits her perfectly so she's trying a new look :-)

Thursday I had a normal evening and rode again but between my haphazard schedule and Katai being in raging heat it was a rougher ride than we've been having. I'm proud though because I still got us to a good place by the end of the ride. There was just a lot more tension than there has been and she was being bit fussy.

Now tonight I was planning on riding again but that would have meant that by my lesson on Monday she would have been ridden for 5 days in a row and that's just too much for her right now. Plus I would have had to go to the barn straight from work and then get to a date straight from the barn. Probably better to not show up to a date wearing full seats, tall socks, and tennis shoes and smelling like the barn. Or that could be a good technique to find out if the guy will be tolerant of my horse habit :-)

So that leaves us in the sucky position of every other day rides so far this week which just isn't a good way to do things.

The plan going forward is to ride tomorrow morning and then I have a plans in the afternoon. I should still get some time to myself though which will be great. On Sunday I'm cheering for a friend who's running in a local marathon in the late morning and I'm planning on heading out to the barn to ride in the afternoon sometime. Then I have my lesson on Monday evening!

I'm hoping we can pull it together again by my lesson and am already making plans for how I can improve next week to make sure I get my five rides in. I'm not that disappointed that I only managed four this week since that's still really good especially considering everything going on right now. I just want to make sure that I get back to five before that feels like a stretch because that's how I've ended up at two rides per week in the past.


  1. Ok you're seriously freaking me out with the parallel lives thing, besides the obvious pony twin thing we've got going on, I also binge watched the entire first season of How to Get Away With Murder while I was sick Mon/Tues :) Have a great lesson Monday!

    1. Woah, that's scary! Such a good show :-) I've got a few more episodes so no spoilers :P Hope you've been having great rides!



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