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I really enjoyed Jen from Cob Jockey's post about budget and it was especially interesting to read since I've been doing a lot of work to improve my budgeting over the past year. Thanks to my bf and a new banking system I have a really solid system in place at this point.

It meant that when I got my refund I used it to pay off my smallest debt (so that I can snowball to the next one), put an emergency fund fully in place, and put just a bit in a trailer saving fund. I'm going to be trying to find every opportunity to increase that fund this year so that I can either get a trailer later this year or potentially next year. With that in mind, and minimizing because of the small apartment, I've been going through my horse equipment and culling some of the nice things that I haven't been using for one reason or another.

I figured I'd post it here to see if other bloggers are interested and if not I'll be posting these things to Facebook.

Let me know if you're interested in any of these and I'd also be happy to send additional pictures or get dimensions for anything. I may have a few more things to sell as I search through my collection but I figured this was a good start.

Mattes Pads: $55 for the first (used one) and $65 for the second

Mattes saddle pad in medium. It's been washed but has
been lightly used so there is some dirt and hair on the underside.
There's also a slight amount of staying where the billets sit. The colors are dark grey with pink binding, braid, and stitching for the logo

This is also a medium Mattes pad that has never been used. It was going to be my show pad but this one and the one above are both pretty big and I have other smaller pads that fit better. This one is grey with white and pink braid and black binding.

Unused liner :)

 Halters: Pink one is $5 and grey one is $10

The pink halter is a break away and has never been used. It's foal/weaning sized and fits but I just have too many halters.
The other is a Schockemohle in cob sized. This one has been lightly used but washed. It's a sturdy, high quality halter and it has padding on the crown and nose. The Schockemohle logo and brand name are on the nose.

Other Saddle Pads: $15 each

I think this is a cob sized pad and it's from B Vertigo.
I did cut off the billet straps but otherwise it's in fantastic shape.

White show pad in pony size from Horze. I bought this as a show pad but white on white just doesn't look great and I prefer darker pads. There is a silver braid and this one has all of the straps.


  1. So glad you liked the post! It sounds like you're on the right financial track yourself.

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