Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Of Questionable Taste

I thought I'd share a few of the things that have caught my eye over the last couple of months including a few things that I'd actually buy ;)

I'm going to start with the things that I'll admire from afar and get to the things that I'm actually kind of interested in.

Things that would cause Jane to disown me:

I have to admit that I'd want to be friends with anyone wearing this
but I'm not quite confident enough to pull it off

I've shared these before but just a bit too blingy for me

Yep, that's a huge cartoon unicorn head on a cooler

Things that would only give Jane a minor heart attack:

This is all perfect but my favorite are the polkadot bell boots! 

This only comes in horse size, I did actually check because I'd probably get one otherwise

Things that I might be able to fly under Jane's hunter ring radar : 

I really actually want to do this!! I've wanted boots like this
for a long time and the matching
baby pink polos and  adorable bell boots are perfect
This C4 belt would be perfect ;) for schooling shows
I am actually planning to get one of these in hot pink from Swanky Saddle for my tack locker


  1. Ha! The tendon boots are awesome and you should totally do it. I am not sure about the unicorn on the pad (but love the pad otherwise). And that tack locker- WOW.

    1. I agree! Yeah, I don't think my home made one will look quite as nice but the monogram plate in hot pink will be snazzy lol

  2. Get all of it. I try to get colors into everything.

  3. Do it all! I absolutely love the bell boots, and the pink laces! I really want a pair of riding/country boots with the front laces. I'm 'guilty' of wearing a similar pink colored belt to ride in. No heart attacks yet ;)

    1. Me tooo!!! Yeah, seems like a cute touch for a schooling show or clinic. Grey, navy blue, black boots, white shirt, and a bright pink belt.