Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Rolex(ish) Weekend

My last visit to the KY Horse Park featured slightly smaller equines 
I had really wanted to go to Rolex this year but when I had the opportunity to pay off some credit cards (and save some money to do some more dressage shows this year) I decided to do that instead. However, I didn't give up completely and decided to plan a fun weekend at home.

Rolex weekend happens to occur during the same weekend of our local horse expo so I'd taken Friday off at the beginning of the year and have had fun planning some other fun things over the past few weeks.

For Friday I'm planning to go to the horse expo and shop the tack swap. It may not be Rolex shopping but it is cheap! I found my Baker show sheet there for $15 and a pair of pony sized no-bows for $3. Mostly it's just sort of fun to dig through piles and piles of tack for pony sized deals. I'm also getting my tack locker dropped off here by my dad which means that I'll be able to work on that this weekend!
This could be fun to watch at the expo

Some of the other things I'm planning to do are;

  • buy vegan versions of my favorite fair foods and make them at home
  • shop for some of the things that I need to finish my tack locker
  • shop at my favorite local tack shop which won't be at the expo but will be having a 20% off expo sale
  • ride and spend a lot of time at the barn :)
  • watch as much expo footage as possible
  • work on memorizing my dressage tests for the show at the end of May
  • possibly do some online shopping for a few things I need 
It may not be Rolex but it's going to be a really fun weekend!

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