Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weird Weekend

Another photo from last Monday's ride
Last week I was at the barn 5 times and worked Katai 4 times which isn't what I wanted but I still feel pretty good about. It would have been better but I volunteered to spend extra time at work on Friday evening for a project and did a regular shift and then went back from 5-9 so no riding that day.

I had a good but brief ride on Saturday but then on Sunday (you'd think I'd have learned from last weekend) I went later hoping that the exhaust would have cleared out by then but it hadn't so I ended up doing another spa day.

I also just haven't felt that motivated to do anything this weekend. I think it might partially be the crazy weather change we've been having with temp in the 50s when normally it would be in the teens. Or it was the fact that I worked so late on Friday making me feel like I didn't get a real weekend. At any rate I put off going to the barn until the evening both days and even then just didn't feel like my normal self.

Last photo before I started leaving Katai's blanket off.
Enjoy the whiteish pony while you can :)
My ride on Saturday was good but I kept it pretty short and sweet because pony was clearly tired from running around in the nice weather outside (no more ice means lots of pony running) and I figured I'd be riding 5 days in a row. Katai was really good though and we got some great work including lots of stretchy trot and a few really good halts :)

This week will be quiet again so I think I'll be back in the swing of things and I'm going for 6 times at the barn with at least 4 rides and one lunge this week!

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  1. I think short good rides are better then long rides that have issues. You sound like me- I feel guilty if I'm not riding. My goal is to not allow the guilt to run my life but rather be more strategic. :)