Monday, February 6, 2017

Bits and Bobs

There have been a few random things recently that I haven't found a good place to talk about so I thought I do a miscellaneous post and just role it all into this post. I'm still working on that January goals post so I'll have that to share soon

First, a few weeks ago there was a saddle fitter (Trilogy Saddles) out at the barn and Jane was nice enough to have her check Katai's saddle. I was 90% sure that it was fitting fine but since it's been about 4-5 months since I got it I figured it was worth a check to be sure it didn't need new flocking or an adjustment. The saddle fitter pronounced that it fit great! I was glad but not surprised, just nice to have the peace of mind.

Second, A couple of weeks ago Jane's upper level horse (who's also literally the sweetest horse to ever exist and who looks 12 but is actually in her 20s) got kicked by another horse during their evening meal. I found out when I saw Jane doctoring the wound which at that point didn't seem to be serious. Just about a week later I found out that she was going to be going to one of our large local vet clinical for a stay. Jane was clearly pretty worried and honestly I think she wasn't sure at that point if her mare would be coming back. I had my fingers crossed for the next few days and was extremely happy and relieved to find her back in her stall when I went to ride about a week ago. The vet has been out a few times to clean/drain the wound but she's on the road to recovery which is such a relief.

Third, Katai is getting a massage tomorrow :) She loved her last one so much that I've been looking for another opportunity to schedule one for her and now I have my chance. The person we're scheduling is insanely cheap ($50 per horse) but everyone really likes her. I can't wait and I'm so happy I get to make my pony happy! I'm hoping to be there but I'm just not sure when she'll be at the barn and when I'll be done with work so if I'm able I'll get pictures to share.

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