Friday, September 9, 2016


I adore my local tack shop. They’re great and the owners are amazing and board at my last barn. They’re very active in the local horse community and put on the large schooling show that I participated in. I shop there and support them whenever I can, however, I don’t always love the clothes that they have. They, like any business, need to reflect the local community and in that community my tastes are underrepresented.

There is another small, boutique, tack shop on the other side of the city that has more of the brands that I like such as Asmar , B Vertigo, Equiline etc. but the owners of that place aren’t amazing and charge a higher markup on their stuff so I don’t like to shop there as much. Recently though my tack shop got in a bunch of stuff from HKM.

I loved the breeches and saddle pads that they got but wasn’t shopping for anything at that point so I passed on getting anything. However, I started to wonder if they would let me do a special order through them and thus save on shipping. One of the people that I did the hunter pace with actually works there and so I finally brought it up and found out that I could!

HKM is one of those places, like Horze, that has pony sized saddle pads and I’ve always loved their breeches. As I’ve mentioned I’ve sort of moved my saddle pad shopping “addiction” to breeches but I couldn’t say no to ordering and adorable European dressage pad. The best thing is that now that I have a European pony saddle I’m not worried about whether the pad will fit.

So we "scheduled" some time for me
to stop by and for us to shop together
So, I went in and spent too much time trying to make up my mind on what to order. I was originally going to order a couple of saddle pads but when I started looking at the breeches I couldn’t say no so I ended up with one pair of breeches and one saddle pad. Unfortunately I didn’t know the total going in since the tack shop needed to determine what the markup was going to be so it ended up being more than I would have probably spent.

Gotta love having a friend at the tackshop ;)
I’m going to sort of call these my Christmas present to myself which works since buying some European stuff is kind of what I was planning to do for my Christmas present. More pictures and a review to follow!


  1. I really like some of the HKM stuff I see...please please please do a product review once you've tried them out :)

    1. I'll do that! I've used both things once but want to get it a bit more time and then I'll do a review :) I really like them so far!

  2. Nothing wrong with getting an early x-mas present to yourself :) Excited to see the new buys!

  3. I love HKM too so probably wouldn't be able to resist either. :)

    1. It's such a cool brand! They make such high quality things :)