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Dream Barn

So I'm a little weird when it comes to esthetics and tend to really like european architecture and style over american. I'm not sure if it's because I watch a lot of riders from that part of the world on Youtube or if it's just something that appeals to me but it's definitely my preference.

I don't think I've ever talked about it on this blog but one of my dream scenarios for my future is to own a 5-10 acre piece of land with a combo barn house. I love tiny houses and although I wouldn't want to live in one long term, I'm all about having very specific spaces and not wasting space. I feel like the space should go to what you do 90% of the time you're at your house and to be completely honest I spend my time when I'm home on the couch and in the kitchen so I'd just have a small bedroom, maybe a tiny study/office, and a nice sized kitchen/dinning room/living area. The areas that I would have I'd want to be very nice, with stylish finishes (like a nice large rain shower and a claw foot tub) but I want the house to be very small.

At any rate what I really dream about is what the barn would look like. I'm not a fan of pole buildings, I like stone and/or brick which probably comes from growing up with a brick dairy barn. That building was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It felt solid and you didn't hear the wind beating at it on stormy days. Instead it was a beautiful, calm, peaceful space. I also like more architecture than just an isle down the middle with stalls on either side. I want 3 stalls and a tack room/laundry/stairs to the house space that could double as a guest room including a second fridge, water, and possibly even a toilet. Plus a wash stall/grooming area.

Last night I spent a bunch too much time on Pinterest collecting pictures that capture the ascetic of the space I want and I thought it would be kind of fun to share them.

Minus the baby this is exactly what I'd want my barn to be like
Not this big or grand but I love this set up and it's got the basic ascetic I like

I would LOVE a door like this between the tack room and the rest of the barn

Renovated barn as hotel, I'd just turn it back into a barn :)

Another renovated barn as living space, obviously I wouldn't want the interior of my barn to be quite this nice
I'd love a big window like this in the house part of the barn
If you could do anything and had no budget what would your dream barn look like?


  1. Wow those buildings are amazing looking! Love it! I live in Eastern Pennsylvania where there are a lot of old, traditional stone farmhouses dating back to the 1700's or 1800's. I would LOVE to own one someday, with a "pimped out" shedrow barn.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous!! I would totally do a small space for both the barn and my house but really upper level fixtures. Make them small but extremely gorgeous :)

  2. I love those old dairy barns, especially when converted to use for horses! And I have this dream of having one someday, built for my ponies, but with my living space in the hay mow up top...with those huge, vaulted ceilings...*dies*

    1. Me too!! Exactly! Can you imagine being able to make coffee and then go downstairs in your pajamas and do morning chores? It sounds completely like heaven to me.

  3. We have the same the point where a couple of those photos are in my "one day I would like to build this" folder. I'd love a stone barn, stone house, stone everything, but I'm told it's not overly practical in our climate. I may need to move :) Can I turn this into an informal blog hop? I have a ton of saved pics and it would be fun to share!

    1. That is so cool!! Do it!!!! This sounds like an amazing blog hop!!


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