Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tack Locker Project

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that I'm working with my dad on a tack locker. I had found this website and fell in love with this tack locker.

They have a couple of different plans and I liked a couple of the options but I decided that this was my favorite set up. I kept trying to figure out how I could get the tools needed to make this and how could I do it on my own. Eventually I realized that having my dad help could be a great option. He's done some carpentry projects in the past and he and my mom almost completely built the house I grew up in. The only things they didn't do on their own were pouring the slab, the central heating, and lifting the trusses onto the roof. Everything else including electrical, dry wall etc they did.

When I thought about that I decided to ask my dad to help me build it using his tools and I would buy the materials. He cheated a little and did buy most of the plywood which was so amazing :-)

Before Christmas we spent some time cutting the big pieces of plywood and then earlier in January we cut most of the little pieces.

Today we started assembly!! I completely forgot to take pictures but we were gluing and then finish nailing parting bead to the back piece of the cabinet to prepare for attaching the sides and some of the shelves.

We are going to finish this a little different than in the picture of the original. I've decided to take out the "saddle house" assembly so it will have the two shelves and two drawers below but not the saddle thing above. I decided that if I put a more standard saddle rack in instead I'd be able to then use that top shelve to stack saddle pads and thought it would give me a little more freedom to add some extra hanging hooks. Of course it also gives us that much less cutting and assembly to do which doesn't hurt either :-)

The inside of the door will be the same as shown in the picture though. I can't wait to have it done!!!


  1. I love that layout! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Me too! It's the first one I've seen that has the right spaces for all of my things. I'll continue to share update photos!