Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Holly Progress Batman

I’m going to take a selfish minute here and pat myself (and my pony) on the back about our recent progress. It seems like so much of the time we don’t stop to celebrate the little things and I’ve made myself a goal to do so more often.


The above photo is from May after I had been taking lessons from L for a couple of months. I was still tipping forward pretty badly and my snap posting was all over the place. Katai was starting to go better but was still fairly short strided and stiff.


Now, after about two and a half more months of lessons with L we look like this.


 This was a snapshot of actually a fairly rough ride but I'm really happy with the improvement in my position and how much more relaxed Katai is. She's longer through the neck and more relaxed through the poll. Katai has had too much time off recently so when I ride she just thinks she can blow me off and do her own thing. I worked on tactfully reminding her that I’m in charge and she needs to listen and at the end we got some nice moments. I’m so proud of both of us and how far we’ve come over the past few months!


The next post is going to be a goals redo/update since I’ve let that get completely out of control this year and I’m trying to catch up. Then I’m also going to post a bad picture of my ride from last night to show how difficult the pony can be when she wants to. I’m seriously impressed that L sticks with us sometimes.

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  1. Looking great! Bridget has those difficult days too, I suspect they collaborate somehow ;)