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New Addition

But not of the four legged (or two legged) variety.I finally bought my first car! I’ve always had hand-me-down cars and while it was amazing of the people who no longer wanted their vehicles to keep me on wheels all this time it also meant that I’ve never really had a car that I liked.After reading tons of reviews and talking to people that have them I decided to go with a Chevy Spark.  I fell in love with this tiny car when one of my previous co-workers got an adorable little green one and really wanted one. My biggest hesitation at that time was that I had a Chevy Impala that I hated. I’m so glad that I no longer have to deal with that car, it was so awful. However, after finding out that these cars are made in a completely different place by completely different people and are actually only branded Chevy in the USA I was happy to consider one. 
  It even fit the last of my stuff from the moveAfter looking over tons of reviews I finally took it out for a test drive and loved it so mu…

Actual Progress

We. Were. Superstars yesterday at my lesson!!! My pony was amazing and I only wish I had video or photo to show it and remember it. We were working a little more on proper contact and L was showing me how to take a more proper but still soft contact. I found out that I've been leaving holes which is, of course, confusing for my pony since she doesn't ever find out what's right. She just keeps looking for that hole and it's always in a different place at a different time and that frustrates her. This all makes perfect sense to me as I write it out now but until yesterday's lesson I just didn't quite understand the concept.

L couldn't stop raving after the lesson about how good she looked. She even said "I NEVER thought she could look that nice!". She commented that she never had moments of pony trot and her stride was lengthening out so well! We both were impressed with how quickly she went into work mode. Most of the time we spend almost 30 minute…

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Shit is getting real here at the barn.

No, not that kind of shit.
Crazy barn drama type of shit. Last night I went to the barn just for a normal ride. I went through my normal routine which includes being very careful to follow all the rules of the barn. I swept up after myself, turned off lights, cleaned up poop, etc. I got into the arena for a ride and had a wonderful and productive ride for about 25 minutes and then, I still think just to mess with me, the barn owner decided to start fixing something.
At 8:15 at night.
I mean it’s his barn, he can work on it whenever he wants. But generally that means just briefly checking in with anyone at the barn to make sure that you aren’t causing a dangerous situation before you start some construction project. Thanks to a complete lack of communication my pony tried to kill both of us by getting so completely wound up that she spun circles around me for about 20 minutes. She was so scared that even her eyes were sweating and this is a pony…

Riding a Warmblood

On Sunday I met up with my boyfriend’s mom who’s an eventer. We had been talking about seeing each other’s horses and possibly taking them each for a ride. On Sunday we finally made that work by going to each other’s barns.We started off at my barn and the day started out interesting thanks to the weather. On Saturday it was in the mid 80’s, humid, and calm until a storm blew through in the evening but on Sunday it was in the low 60’s and there was a crazy wind. I knew it could be an interesting day and when I got Katai into the isle and crosstied her I saw that the barn owner had chosen that day to work on one of the sliding doors. He had power tools, lights, and things scattered all over the isle at one end and although he was making some effort to be polite it just wasn’t a good day for that. Katai, already on edge after the walk to the barn, just wasn’t having it with all of the commotion and was displeased at standing tied for any length of time. Luckily A (my boyfriend’s mom) is…

Progress To Be Made

So, Now that I’ve taken the time to pat myself on the back it’s time for me to update my goals and make some plans for the rest of the year.
I have to first say I’m so excited to be able to do this! Now that work and applying for jobs isn’t taking all of my energies away I can actually concentrate on pony things!

Great example of progress to be made

Old Goal List:
I’ve crossed off things that no longer make sense and anything in italics is new or updated information. I’ve also moved my completed/removed goals to a page so that it doesn’t clutter up this post so you can find those above. The items in bold are focus items for me.
In Process Goals for Katai:
1. Increase fitness/strength/flexibility - get chiropractic done at least threetwo times in 2015 – Completed one and owed one by chiropractor - start continue serious fitness training as soon as it's not slippery out to include canter sets – Did start canter sets and added some trail rides - continue to work with cavaletti, try t…

Blog Hop: My Cubicle

Most of us work for a living (wishing I didn't have to), some of us in way swankier places than others (right now thinking of all my friends who work at places like Google and Salesforce.. le jealous! all dem snacks!) Anyways I am curious for a pictorial tour of your office or cubicle. 
I am also late to the party because I was trying to decide if I wanted to share info about my office space but I decided that I'd just go for it.
I work for a small company that is experiencing rapid growth. I'm in HR which means that I have an office so that I can have meetings with employees. The new digs are awesome and I ended up with a rather large office. 

Can you tell I'm short? Nothing in the top shelf and no paper on the bulletin board above that first layer.

These little guys were made by my mom and they've kept me company at my last few jobs.
Flowers and pretty pens. It makes boring work so much less boring when you can write in bright colors and luckily this is an environmen…

Holly Progress Batman

I’m going to take a selfish minute here and pat myself (and my pony) on the back about our recent progress. It seems like so much of the time we don’t stop to celebrate the little things and I’ve made myself a goal to do so more often. The above photo is from May after I had been taking lessons from L for a couple of months. I was still tipping forward pretty badly and my snap posting was all over the place. Katai was starting to go better but was still fairly short strided and stiff.Now, after about two and a half more months of lessons with L we look like this.
This was a snapshot of actually a fairly rough ride but I'm really happy with the improvement in my position and how much more relaxed Katai is. She's longer through the neck and more relaxed through the poll. Katai has had too much time off recently so when I ride she just thinks she can blow me off and do her own thing. I worked on tactfully reminding her that I’m in charge and she needs to listen and at the end we go…

Decisions, Decisions

So I have decided to move my pony. It’s been an agonizing decision since I realize that no place will be perfect and there are so many great things about where I’m at now. The main thing that sold it, besides the current barn drama, is that L wants me to move up there. I feel like if your coach encourages you to move to a different barn there is usually a good reason and the fact that she wants me to move to her barn is a complement in many ways. Some of the other things are: better footing, nicer stalls, not being separated from the rest of the barn, better wash stall, better trails, EXCELLENT barn manager. I gave my notice and think I’ll be moving at the end of August/early September. I’m so freaking excited but sort of bummed at the same time. I’ve made some great friendships at my current barn and will miss many things about it. I hate moving and creating all new relationships and putting Katai through that again just isn’t what I want to be doing right now but ultimately I think …

Join The Club

Unfortunately I need to join several other bloggers in having an unsound horse since apparently #Mareproblems is back. I’m so frustrated and upset, I was actually in tears yesterday evening, and I just feel sort of hopeless not for myself but for Katai. I did do a little research and apparently this is a fairly common thing and it appears that I'm the only one overreacting this way. Last time this happened I’d been away from the barn for a few days so I sort of blamed myself for not being there enough to prevent the problem but this time I saw Katai Sunday, groomed and checked and everything looked good, and then was gone Monday but back out on Tuesday and she was already in a bad place. She had nasty gunk all down the back of her legs and had chaffed fairly badly already. Thankfully I did catch it a little earlier this time and she isn’t quite as bad but it’s not enough of an improvement for me to feel ok about it.
I just don’t know what to do at this point. Nothing has changed i…

All The Dramas

Thankfully I’ve not yet been involved in the barn drama partially, probably, because since I work in HR I’m pretty adept at conflict management/avoidance but also because I’ve been nothing but pleasant and complementary to the owners of the facility. Unfortunately it seems to be one of those cases where if you disagree you become the enemy and I’ve got very little tolerance for that.If you remember I posted a while ago about how the owners and kicked a couple of people out and I was happy that they were being proactive about it. At that point I believe the grand total of people they had kicked out was three but I found out later that they’d kicked out two before I ever got there. Since I understood the reasoning and knew that two of the people were actually endangering other boarders and their horses I wasn’t concerned and as I said then, I was actually pleased that they were taking a tough stance on that sort of behavior. After that though they’ve kicked out two additional boarders t…


At one point when I was younger and didn’t have the opportunity to board in an amazing place I knew better than to ride the same way in the same place day after day. At that point in my life I was doing eventing and so one day we’d jump in our “ring” which was basically a flat field and the next we would do cross country, trails, take the horses swimming, or just lunge and do a grooming day. Unfortunately at some point as I became an adult I forgot about this and started to not appreciate that my horse needed variety. Over this past year, as Katai develops, I’ve become especially bad at this to the point that I basically ride in the same way and in the same place every time I ride. I think part of this is because for a while Katai was so green and I didn’t really have a safe place to ride her outside but now that I do have a good place to ride outside and access to trails I’ve just not really started to do that again. Partially because I’m a perfectionist and want to work directly on w…