Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 In Review

I figured that before I do a 2015 goals post it would be good for me to do an overview of 2014 especially since I think I gained the majority of my readers this year.

Here we go!

At the beginning of the year I was boarding Katai at a small trail barn with a coverall arena and wood footing. I rode 1-2 times a week but spent more like 3 days per week at the barn with her. She was extremely green so when I did ride it was not for very long and mostly in straight lines or 20 meter circles at a walk and sometimes a trot. 


In February I started taking weekly riding lessons with J on a school horse and in April I FINALLY got to start taking lessons on my own horse for the first time since I was 14. It was glorious but that glory was short lived as I started to realize even in June and July that this was not the right trainer for either myself or Katai. However, despite that I continued to learn and make progress as I filter what she said into what worked for me and Katai.







In August and September I started to think about moving to a different barn and actually had one set up but after a really empassioned discussion with J I decided to stay a little longer. Things started to go from bad to worse and I really wish now that I had more videos and or photos but I guess I tend to not want pictures of the bad. The problem with that of course is that then it's tough to see just how far I've come. It did get so bad that she was basically gaiting whenever you asked for anything faster than a walk and would be so tight that she was both trotting and cantering at the same time.


Finally at the end of October I stood up for both of us and took the month of November off lessons and then this happened.


At the beginning of November I announced that I was moving Katai and finally on November 30th moved her to a barn without all the craziness. 


My Overview:

- started to figure out how to keep my leg back
- began to remember how to ride properly
- learned how to properly use my elbows
- gained some courage
- FINALLY got to take regular lessons
- boarded at three different facilities (I'm really not barn hopping I swear)
- ran a long distance competitive race for the first time!!!
- lost 15 pounds
- survived another year at this job
- learned how to be a partner

Katai's Overview:

- went from a green baby horse to one that is now starting to learn some more sophisticated things
- started to get some rhythm
- stopped rearing!!!!
- moved barns twice and only slightly lost her mind on the first move, didn't at all on the second!
- learned about crossties
- learned about stalls
- is receiving a better diet
- gained strength and conditioning
- learned how to move off a single leg 
- is now consistent at forward
- loaded into two strange trailers in less than ten minutes and rode quietly to a strange place
- learned how to be ridden around other horses and that she will survive if they leave
- learned how to be a partner

Stay tuned for my 2015 goals!

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  1. You guys have come soo far this year! Congrats!