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Well Tonight Sucked

I have nothing positive to say other than that we didn't kill each other.

I'm normally a really positive person and on my blog I find the sun behind the clouds or the half full glass but tonight that just isn't the case. I really did know that she wasn't going to be her normal self at the new barn, in a new environment, around new horses, in a new arena but I hoped that some smidgen of the Katai that I know and love would remain. Instead I got some sort of devil pony in her place tonight.

I think she was more scared than naughty and I treated it as such being gentle but firm but when she continued to blow through my aids on the lunge I got firmer and it barely made a difference. On top of that, and I'm aware it wasn't helping me at all, I had an audience. All things considered it was the best audience I could have had of a few of the more"rough and ready" riders that have dealt with young horses but they've been boarding there for many, many years…

Moving Day!

Finally, finally, finally it was time to move Katai. I woke up at 7:45am since I specifically set my alarm close to the time I needed to leave so that I wouldn't have much time to sit around and get nervous. I really don't know what it is about trailering that freaks me out but it's bad.

I got to the barn right around 8:40am after a quick stop for breakfast and to fill up my car's tank with gas. The horse's were still on the round bale and Christina, the wonderful person who had agreed to haul Katai for me, was still in the house. I grabbed Katai's halter and waded through the thick mud to catch her and bring her into the barn. I put her halter pads on and fitted her out with a cooler. I also scraped some of the muck off of her legs and then led her outside. It was windy and cool and I had changed the routine so Katai was already a little keyed up and as soon as Christina opened the trailer door you would have thought she'd opened the gates to hell. Katai s…

VCBH: Appreciating What You Have

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons.

1. Katai is socially very adept:

Ok, so I don't know if this is a good thing or trouble but she has twice now flirted her way to the top.
The bay gelding standing closer to the camera is Max and he was the herd boss when Katai was first moved into this field. She immedietly started flirting with him and as soon as she became "his girl" she got to eat first, drink first, and had constant protection. (Note the other mares looking longingly from afar) The bay gelding standing further away from the camera is the current herd boss and he is so smitten with her now that he will literally clear the way for her. Like a guy putting his coat over a puddle so the girl won't get her shoes dirty. The white blob laying between them is, of course, Katai being watched over by her two men.
2. She's really bold.
Katai rarely every spooks at anything and while…

Travel Restrictions Have Ended!!!!!!

Which means three very important things.
1. I can stop wearing separate clothing, boots, jacket, gloves etc. to each barn and washing them right away when I get home.
2. I can go to the MN Horse Expo on Friday and not have to worry, feel guilty that I may expose my pony to something.
3. I get to move Katai!!!!!

Our plan is proceeding as is at this point to move Katai early on Saturday morning. I feel like I've been waiting soooo long and it has been almost exactly a month since I planned on moving her. We've made good progress during that time and it makes me feel even more ready to get started with lessons on my little horse. Finally :)

We're Still Here

I promise :-)
Things have been weird lately. Crazy weather dumped 12-18 inches of snow on my area while leaving places only 20-25 miles away completely clear. Spring has hit in a big way, other than the previously mentioned snow storm, so pony mare has been NUTZ. Easter. The EHV-1 thing has been staying quiet, knock on wood, but after being put off so many times I still kind of feel like I’m stuck in limbo and was having trouble getting excited for the move plus work has been busy and I’ve got a big independent project I’m working on that I’ve been having fun with so I’ve put a lot of focus into that.
Because of all of the above I missed going to the barn from Monday-Friday last week and which made everything feel even weirder. When Thursday came around and I had my lesson I regained motivation and was pumped to get back and work with Katai. Since then I haven’t missed a day.Friday I lunged her with side reins for the first time in a long while and had them a bit shorter than I normally…

Outbreak Part II: Delayed Again

Let me start by saying that I’m so sorry for anyone who lost a horse recently due to EHV-1 and all of you who have either had a horse pass away or who are currently caring for a sick horse are in my thoughts. It would be an extremely horrible thing to go through.
 Now, with that being said, my move has been delayed again. I’m certainly not interested in risking any horses, either my own or those at the new barn, but I’m so anxious to move to the new place! Last night I had my weekly riding lesson and it went extremely well. I also have been able to continue to observe barn things and this is why I love this barn. The farm from above. Mares to the right, geldings to the left. You can see the outdoor and indoor and the pond is surrounded by an eventing course.
1. No mud!!!!! Seriously, the place that Katai is living right now looks like one big mud pit which is quite normal with all of the snow we’ve melted and especially with how quick it’s been melting this year but sometimes I feel like…

Viva Carlos’ Magical Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

After, unfortunately, having to sit out for the last few blog hops due to my impending but again delayed move (a topic for the next post) I was really excited to see another VCMBH that I could participate in!
What are you buying next? Not your "Wish I could" list but your actual practical pony shopping list. And if it’s a high ticket item you are saving for what is it and when do you expect to order/get it?
1. Sponges: Yay right!?! Well I do need them both for tack cleaning and for pony cleaning which leads me right into the next item on my list…
2. Grooming Products: All of the grooming products, all of them. I have seriously never even owned a bottle of Show Sheen that’s how sad my grooming product supply is. In fact, other than the copious amounts of Cowboy Magic I needed for Sora’s long mane, I’ve never bought much other than fly spray and maybe some fly lotion. I can count the number of times that I’ve bathed a horse that I’ve owned (over that last 16 years even) on my fin…

Good Reason for a Name Change

My pony really isn’t stubborn. Yesterday started out sort of poorly after discovering in the morning that my car, which just last week got a new transmission that I paid way too much for, was doing EXACTLY the same thing it had been doing before it was “fixed”. I called the shop right away in the morning, nearly in tears and they said to bring it in after work which meant getting permission to leave early. Luckily I was able to leave early but it meant that I wouldn’t be able to ride or spend time with Katai and after my recent vacation and not really spending any time with her last week that was a huge blow.
It’s not that the repair shop was going to take that much time it is just that it doesn’t make any sense to drive all the way home (the shop is about two minutes from my house) and then drive back, past work, to get to the barn.  Unfortunately I am not rich enough to be able to not worry about the cost of gas so I try to make my trips count.
At any rate, I finished at the shop (sti…

Road Tripping 2: In Which The Shopping Happens

Ok, so really, when you go on vacation in a new place why wouldn't you visit every tack shop possible? 
I had the opportunity to visit three between yesterday before seeing my sister play in her recital and today. I did some googling and found a few likely paces.
First, the Schneiders.
I honestly didn't realize they had any retail locations and when I asked I was told that this is the only one. 
It was large and lovely inside and was split pretty evenly between English and Western tack with lots of horse care supplies. I bought healthy horse treats and whitening shampoo, it is mud season :(

Second was Chagrin Saddlery.
This one was smaller and recommended by my sister's horse owning friend. If anyone reading this is ever in the Cleveland area I HIGHLY recommend that you visit them. It was small but the people were extremely friendly and helpful without being at all pushy. Plus, they had Asmar products!!!! I've been wanting to try on their clothing for a long time now because…

End of March Analysis

March Goals - Review
1. Move to new facility (me and Katai) – I am so ready to move and get going with our new life of lessons and progress!
Nada. It was completely out of our control thanks to the horrible EHV-1 outbreak. Hopefully there will be no more cases.
2. Continue to take lessons  (me) – I will be taking weekly lessons on the lessons horses available until I move Katai.
No, but pretty close and again out of my control. I missed one lesson last week due to a freak blizzard/loaner car that evening and this week I'm not able to because of this vacation. 

3. Work on consistency (Katai) – This is a huge one! I have the rest of the month to work with Katai and based on this move I have changed some of my goals. 
Yes!! So far any way. I haven't been able to test it at the new barn yet but I've been riding consistently and Katai had been improving in leaps and bounds. Her groundwork and patience have gotten that much better as well.

4. Strength (me and Katai)– 
Yes! I've been…

Road Tripping

I'm on vacation today through Sunday and while I'm happy that I'm not at work I am already beginning to miss my pony. 
My parents and me are driving 13 hours to Cleveland, OH to see my youngest sister play in her senior recital.
The sister in question.
I am extremely proud of her and can't wait to see her and be there to support her during this incredibly important time in her life.
Up next: End of March Analysis