Sunday, April 28, 2013

All Kinds of Change

Weather: we finally had our first day over 50 degrees since October. It's been sunny and most of our snow is gone. The arena is dry enough that we can do some riding although it does need to be raked and de-rocked again.

Myshla: She found a new home! It's right in the area and they are going to keep me updated on her progress. It is a 4-H home where two teenagers are going to get her tuned up and ready for a kid. She is an awesome pony but they do have their work cut out for them if they want her to be kid ready which I did mention to them. Luckily they do have a couple of small adult friends who may be interested as well. She just left today and was a good girl hopping right on the trailer even if she was very up with the windy day.

Katai: is learning to be a big girl. I decided to work with her every single day for a month as long as the weather cooperates. She's been pretty much left alone all winter and has gotten kinda wild again so regular handling would be good for both of us.

Today after she'd had a chance to calm down I took her out to lunge her. She wore her saddle and bridle and was a really good girl on the lunge despite the windy weather. We have a storm coming in tonight supposedly and all the horses are on edge so I was very proud. Other than dancing a bit when she was tied after I worked her she was excellent. I worked with her a lot on the lunge on her stiff side getting her to flex and bend in the direction she was going. She was more flexible and moving better today than she has in a long time and her feet were doing well too. Proof that the proper trimming does make a huge difference :)

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