Thursday, March 21, 2013

Better Equipment

I was excited to get my recent bonus and so far Katai and my credit cards have been benefiting :-)

Today my Neue Schule bit came from Cheshire horse and I am very impressed and can't wait to try it with her to see what she thinks. Here is a picture comparison of the new bit with the old which was a Korsteel JP.

The JP isn't a bad bit but I've been unhappy with it for a pony that has a low pallet and this picture is a good example of why. The joints, which sit in her mouth the tall way, are almost the size of a quarter and with the large gap I've felt there is a really good chance that she will at some point get her tongue pinched.

 I should also say that I am still not sure whether a bit has a place in my tack box or not. I swore that I would never use a bit with Sora again a few years ago and I'm still trying to decide how exactly I feel about them. They are obviously not natural to a horse but neither is a lot of what we live with on a daily basis and just by asking them to carry us we are asking them to do something very unnatural. I do feel that there are many people who balance bit and bittless riding very well and I do see that they do have their place. However, with all that said I am very sensitive (over sensitive?) to fit and type.

Mostly I am very happy to have a bit that am more happy with and more comfortable having her wear and ultimately if I'm more comfortable with it it can't hurt :-)


  1. I have the NS bits very happy with them

  2. That is excellent to hear Kelly! I'm hoping to have a chance to try it out on Saturday.