Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Past

Long time, no post.

Winter in Northern WI sucks. Between the ice and snow I haven't had any time to work with Katai at all. Then last weekend after receiving my bonus check from work I decided it was time to find her a saddle that fit. That whole story will be my next post but saddle trials and the thought of her bucking brought back thoughts of my first horse so I found a picture.

This is Bucky. The 16.1 hand appendix that tried to kill me on a daily basis. It's no wonder I have a thing for ponies lol. Just getting him tacked up when I was that tiny meant lining him up with a hill so that I could reach his back to puuussshhhh that heavy western saddle up there. He was an incredible teacher in many ways though and I owe him a lot. I've written about him many times because many of my fears related to horses are his fault but I also wouldn't be nearly the rider I am today if I hadn't overcome everything he put me through. I think we all need at least one horse like that to teach us, to make us better riders and make us truly thankful for the horses that actually want to work within and be our friends :)

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