Sunday, July 2, 2017


Close enough...

This has been a bit of a quiet week for rides. A couple of weeks ago it was the heat, then we had a 5 ride (or 4 ride one lunge) week and now this week it's probably going to end up at 4. This week it's more because I've been focused on other things.

I've needed to do this for awhile but I was sort of stuck in my winter routine of work/home/barn and didn't feel like doing more than that. I've pushed myself to do more outside of the barn this week though and it was a good break. On Monday I just took the evening off riding and then on Wednesday after work I went out to check out a vegan donut shop.

A small sample of their vegan menu.
Not shown, my maple donut or the Sriracha/peanut butter donut 
Unfortunately I didn't think to get pictures but my vegan maple donut was spectacular. Then on Thursday after work I went to the Mall of America with my sister. We got drinks, food, and did some shopping.

Mini story break here. I've had and consistently worn the same sandals for the last 19 years. Very sadly they gave up finally last week leaving me walking home with on bare foot. I wisely decided it was time to get another pair of sandals especially since I wanted something to wear for pony cup next week.

If you want the most comfortable sandals in the world
that will last forever try Speedo
I did manage to find a very comfortable pair of sandals but they just aren't the same as my favorite pair so my heart is still a bit broken ;)

Both days are typically Katai's days off so it was just the fact that I felt a bit burnt out on Monday and took that day off that will mean I have fewer rides this week. At any rate, it was needed and I'm feeling more motivated again after my mini break. Luckily it's just in time for the holiday weekend!

This weekend is going to be awesome because I'm going to watch H ride in a Janet Foy clinic. She's riding her pony cup pony in the morning and then her pony in the afternoon. I'll probably only be able to make one of her rides but I'm hoping to see a few other people ride as well. I may also check out my favorite tack shop (which is over in that area) because it looks like they're having a great Independence Day sale.

On Monday I'm "working" from home. Even my boss has said that there's unlikely to be anything happening so I'm going to be pretty free beyond checking my email periodically for emergent issues. Then of course I have Tuesday off so it will be almost a 4 day weekend. I'm back in the office for Wednesday and Thursday and then off on Friday when I'll be flying to Pony Cup.

I'm so excited!!