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My Breeches Collection

I thought it would be fun and possibly helpful for me to share my current breeches along with details and some pictures to show fit and what they look like on a non-model. I'm going to share these in order of cost just because I think it makes the most sense.

As a note, I'm currently in between a 24 and 26 but closer to a 26 and I'd rather have breeches a bit too loose rather than too tight. I'm also quite short, and have especially short legs (you can see how some of these wrinkle around my ankles), and these are all regular breeches so if you have long legs these would fit differently. If anyone has any questions about any of these please let me know!

Horse Active Full Seat
Price: Free!! (of course as long as I bought over a certain amount but since I was buying another pair of breeches and some other stuff I made it without trying)
Size: Small (looks like they're a 24)
Fit: As mentioned they're a size 24 and I normally get 26s. With that being said these do fit me quite well and since they're cotton they've got a good amount of stretch
Wear: Worn once and washed once - not sure how much more I'll wear them haha
Positives: The price and the color is great
Negatives: Pretty much everything. I love Horze's more premium brands but their cheaper stuff is just that, cheaper. These stink, I'm guessing from the dye? but even after being washed and worn once they still smell strongly of chemicals. The seat also doesn't stretch so you get that really uncomfortable feeling of being suspended above the saddle by the crotch of your breeches, and they're my only breeches with velcro bottoms and they rub on my ankle bone.

Horse Spirit Full Seat (no longer available)
Price: I believe these were around $45 on sale but were more like $89 new. I wouldn't pay $89 for them so I put them here.
Size: 26
Fit: loose and I probably should have sized down. They're also cotton so they've stretched a bit
Wear: Owned for about 1 year and worn a fair amount through that year. Washed multiple times.
Positives: These are very comfortable and have stood up well over the past year or so that I've owned them.
Negatives: I really hate the color, I was thinking they'd be brighter blue but this color is awful. I mostly just wear these when I don't feel like wearing nice, but less comfortable breeches or when I know that I'm going to get especially dirty like for pony bathing.

Riding Sport (Dover) Basic Full-Seat Breech
Price: $49.99
Size: 26 but after they've stretched now they're more like a 28
Fit: Comfortable!
Positives: Comfortable! Great color, nice pockets, awesome sock bottoms, price! Plus these have a comfortable stretchy full seat especially for the price.
Wear: I've owned these for about a year but I've worn them and washed them more than any other pair of breeches probably multiple days a week for awhile.
Negatives: These are cotton breeches so they will stretch out. However, I've worn these a TON and washed them a TON since they're my most comfortable breeches and they still look great. They're just starting to get pretty stretched out. For the price and comfort though they can't be beat and I plan to get at least one more pair in burgundy.

Ovation Slim Secret Full Seat
Price: $98.95 from RW, I think I paid just over $100 when I bought them
Size: 26
Fit: The fit is awesome and are really great heavier fabric that doesn't show imperfections but is also not that hot.
Wear: Owned for 3+ years and worn a LOT. For awhile I only had a few pairs so these were in constant rotation. Washed a ton.
Positives: These are the breeches I've had the longest (just over 3 years now) and they still look like new despite lots of wear and washing. They have really cute details like the suede trim on the pockets  and some embroidery on the back belt loop.
Negatives: VERY uncomfortable sock bottoms. I do have slightly large calves (I wear regular Ariat boots thought) but still, you can see from the picture how much these dig in. Despite that I've still kept them for 3+ years and have worn them a ton.

Horze Desiree Full Seat - Burgundy
Price: I got these for just under $100 on sale
Size: 26
Fit: AMAZING, all of Horze's premium brands (Crescendo and B Vertigo) fit me the best of any breeches I've tried)
Wear: I've worn these several times and washed at least twice
Positives: Everything! These might be a bit much for some people but this is for fun right. I love the wide waistband, the seat is nice and stretchy, the silicon makes it nicely grippy without being too much, they're really nice stretchy technical fabric that still doesn't show too much, and Horze (premium) breeches have the nicest, most comfortable sock bottoms that I've tried.
Negatives: The wide band comes nearly to my ribs when I'm riding but it didn't bother me much because I bought a second pair and I've got my eyes on the new fall 2016 color!

Horze Desiree Full Seat - Stone
Price: $150 from a vendor at the NDPC
Size: 24
Fit: These were sold out but the vendor still had a pair in 24. They do fit but I'm glad that I've been losing weight :)
Never worn to the barn, hoping they'll fit a bit better soon and sort of saving these to show in.
Positives: See above, the seat also feels a little more substantial so I'm hoping that they'll last longer than the thinner seat in the burgundy pair.
Negatives: See above

B Vertigo (Horze) Rachel Full Seat 
Price: I got these on sale for $175 but they're normally $199
Size: 26
Fit: They fit the best of any breeches I've ever owned
Wear: Worn three times and washed once
Positives: These are seriously the best breeches I own. They are as comfortable as the Dover breeches but are a technical fabric so they won't stretch out as quickly. The seat is substantial enough to last (I hope!) but is nicely stretchy and they have the amazing Horze sock bottoms. I also love the color and all of the amazing details.
Negatives: None other than the price. If I ever win the lottery though I'm going to go buy 10 more pairs. I am curious how they'll last though. The seat leather is fairly thin which makes them extremely comfortable but I'm just not sure if they'll last as long as some of my other breeches.

Lauria Garrelli (HKM) Golden Gait 3/4 Seat (basically what we consider a full seat)
Price: I got these from my local tack shop through a special order at $179.95. On the site they're $167.95 so not bad mark up for shipping to the US.
Size: 26
Fit: Good but they are looser at the waist and tighter through the hips. They also bind a bit on my knees I think because of where the leather from the full seat comes on my leg.
Wear: Worn twice and washed once
Positives: I really like these breaches. They're also a great technical fabric and the orange detailing is really cute. They are clearly very well made and I expect that they'll last a long time.
Negatives: Hmmm, so they're actually less new than the B Vertigo breeches but Horze has sales all the time and for this price point I like the previous breeches better. It's the little things like comfort, and some of the details like the three button closure on the B Vertigo breeches. I also managed (which happens to me on some other breeches as well) to bust out the stitching in multiple places on the seat. They aren't too tight, in fact I need to wear a belt with them, but the stitching is falling apart, it's good that I'm good with a needle. That didn't happen at all with the B Vertigo breeches and the B Vertigo breeches just fit better. I'm really curious to see how they both wear over time.

So I think by now everyone knows that I'm a Horze fangirl, I especially love their B Vertigo line,  and you can tell from how many breeches I have from them. I've got several more styles from them as well as other companies on my list so look forward to an update post at some point next year.

Also, I know that I haven't had some of these for very long so this isn't really meant to be a review post. I'm guessing that some of the newer breeches will show up in one of my "favorites" posts in the future!


  1. Ooh, those Horze Desiree breeches look like they'd corset my muffin top in so well! Bonus that I really love both those colors!

    1. I have to admit that's one of my favorite parts of them. They're so comfy and stretchy too! They do have amazing color choices normally and they're not a bad price.

  2. I love the burgundy breeches so much, drool! It's so cool to see all the different brands on one body. I am so poor right now but when I am not I will be dropping some serious cash on horze breeches. :)

    1. Me too :) when you are shopping just be sure to wait for a sale. They have them all the time and it's easy to save at least $10-$30 on a pair of breeches.


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