Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Saddle Update

A month or so ago I was able to speak with the saddle fitter that works at the company that I got the Prestige Lucky on trial from. He requested some pictures and asked some questions about her breeding and her build. I took the following pictures for him.

After looking at these pictures he announced that she is a 36cm but that the trial saddle could be widened to a 35cm (it's a 33cm and they can adjust it 2cm at a time) and he thinks that would be good enough to try riding in. The trial saddle has been out with a different customer for quite some time now but yesterday I heard back that the saddlery got it back and are readjusting it and going to send it today or tomorrow!

I was thrilled to hear that he thinks that this saddle could fit her with the adjustment. It's just a gorgeous saddle, the leather is amazing, it's shorter through the back, and I'm comfortable riding in it plus it's in my budget so I'll have my fingers crossed that it will actually fit :-)

the trial when it was still a 33cm
Cool, patent carbon fiber type material on the cantle, tough to see in this picture but it's pretty cool 
Of course I also had to check and see if they could get it in "tobacco" brown and they can! So excited to get it back and try it out again.


  1. It's a beautiful saddle. I looked at you tracing and I'm familiar with the ones of the withers and back but what is the third one?

  2. Thanks! I think so too :-) There's the one across the withers, the one across the lowest point of her back, and the straightest one is along her backbone from where her hair ended to show the curvature of her back and where the 18th vertebrae is for panel length.