Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Big Girl Trot

Tonight the plan was to just lunge since I'm still working back to 5 rides per week and wanted to make sure that Katai got an easier day. I'd rather go on a trail ride or something but the weather has been horrible for getting a hot young horse outside so since I don't like to die this is the safest option for both of us right now.

I got her groomed and tacked up and I actually had happier ears! She did pin them a few times but over all I think she was more relaxed and seemed less pushy.
This is what a 13.2 hand pony looks like to a short person
Then I put her on the lunge and after a brief warm up where she got to put her head where she wanted I put on the neck stretcher. It's been working really well lately and I'm happy with how she responds to it. As always recently I just sort of try to lunge her effectively but really inside I'm jumping up and down because my pony actually has some suspension! I think I've mentioned this before but I finally got video to prove it! First of all though, some stills :-)

My superstar pony

And now the video!

*I noticed when I was looking at these pictures and video how much her saddle slid forward. I hadn't girthed it very tightly so that's a part of it. It also looks like it's setting pretty high so I'm going to try tacking up without the sheepskin again next time.