Tuesday, December 8, 2015

VCBH: What's in Your Show Tote

I really like this blog hop concept and so although I’ve only showed a handful of times my whole life (and only once in dressage) I thought I’d do a "What’s in your show tote: wish list edition" adaptation to this hop!

I tend to be a very mentally disorganized person, whatever the opposite of type A is (would that be type Z?) would pretty much describe my mental state most of the time. Whatever small ability I have to be mentally organized is used up during my job which leaves me with about nil during the rest of my week. However, I love to be physically organized. While I’ve never been able to keep any type of planner and just rely on my phone to tell me what to do, I do very carefully organize my space at home and that includes my horse equipment storage. I have a large wooden trunk that holds all the misc items that I don’t use on a regular basis that resides at home and my small tack cabinet at the barn is carefully organized with totes and color coordination. I’m especially excited for the tack locker that my dad and I will be building this winter and will share more information about that soon!

So, to start my wish list I would want something that I could carry all of my items in and that would provide me with some space so that I can organize everything inside for easy access. The items that I’d want to bring with would be fairly normal show items such as stain remover, safety pins, NSAIDs (of course), and extra grooming supplies. However the big things that I’ll need before I can show are below.

Braiding supplies (assuming this will be a rated show)

Some sort of braiding supplies and lots of practice will be needed.

Helmet (since mine is over 3 years old and is falling apart)

I have a small, oval shaped head and Uvex are some of the few helmets that seem to be comfortable for my head shape.

Dressage saddle show pad


For my small pony I'm thinking that the High Point cut out pad makes a lot of sense. I think I'll get it in Black.

Show Shirt

I really like this show shirt by f.o.a.l. and would like one in short sleeve and long sleeve ideally :-)


I haven't done much shopping for jackets but I do really like this one from f.o.a.l.


My favorite breeches are from Horze and I'm really liking these sparkles and all!
I've updated my Wish List page to include more of the items on my wish list so check that out as well as the updates to my Current Equipment page!

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  1. Great list, I got so lost in my busy schedule that I didn't get a chance to read this until now :) Thanks for participating.