Saturday, December 5, 2015



Boarding Katai where I was renting in Northern WI.

Baby's first ride


Moved Katai to her first boarding facility which was a pasture share with one other aged gelding.
Driving the trailer all by myself for the second time!


Fall 2013

Moved Katai to a facility with a covered arena so that I could ride during the winter. This is where she really became broke to ride. Any previous rides I had done lasted about 5 minutes at the longest and only consisted of walk.


Spring 2014

I moved Katai to a barn with a dressage instructor and a nicer indoor with MUCH better footing. Plus I was worried because Katai had lost a lot of weight at the previous barn which you can see from one of the photos. If it hadn't been for J I would have continued to board here and still really miss most of the people.

The above video is not indicative of how Katai had been going in lessons. This was after 1.5 months off lessons where all I did was ride her long and low. She was doing well unless I put any pressure on her and then she would go into full on panic/fight/flight mode.


Winter 2014

I moved Katai to a temporary barn because I had started to realize how brutal J's training techniques were and wasn't having fun anymore. Plus, Katai had started rearing and was moving worse and worse.


Spring 2015

I moved Katai to an amazing facility with at least three good dressage instructors and found L who has been the best for both Katai and I. Starting here I feel like we actually started to make progress!


Fall 2015

Unfortunately the owners turned out to be crazy so when I found that L's regular barn had an opening I jumped a it and moved for our final time.


Blair Witch Project pony doesn't like to have her fugly clip photographed. More photos soon!


  1. I can't believe how much she's changed physically. She's looking amazing, nice work!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so proud of how far we've come :-)

  2. You have a totally unique looking horse. I've never seen a horse with markings like that. She has such a lovely face and she seems very forward from your videos, something I appreciate. I wish you success in your dressage goals, and lots of fun with your beauty.

    1. Thank you lytha! Thank you for the amazing compliments, she is certainly a forward little firecracker :-)

  3. I didn't realize she'd only been broke to ride for a few years! You guys have come so far!

    1. Thank you Carly! Sometimes when I'm feeling down about us I forget how recently she was started and it makes me feel better. Ultimately for me that's what this blog is about :-)