Monday, February 16, 2015

This is How I Instagram

went out to the barn tonight and had a great time. I was in an odd mood because I had just dealt with a serious employee issue at work and if the weather wasn't getting so cold later this week I would have just stayed home and watched Friends while de-stressing.

I'm glad I went though and so was Katai. She was SOOOOOOO itchy because she is shedding like a wild thing.

I probably shouldn't have worn black but this is after I brushed most of it off. I scratched all her itchiest places and then had a great, if speedy, ride. She is really starting to be able to carry herself nicely going her weaker direction. Hopefully photos of me riding the cute pony will follow at some point but for now I'll leave you with a photo of my most recent project.

I love these bell boots and they're the only ones I can find that come close to fitting. However, they were rubbing her when she was wearing them all the time. I finally decided that I could probably figure out a way to line the top with fleece or something and I did! I found a special glue that is flexible, waterproof and can be used on fabric so now I just need to test them out!

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  1. Shedding means spring is coming [eventually] YAY!!