Friday, February 6, 2015

Slow Progress

Unfortunately I had car issues this week so I was unable to make it out to the barn until today. In this span of cold weather in the single digits and lower teens my car window decided to fail and I just couldn't make myself drive 40 minutes out to the barn with the frigid wind whipping in my window only to work out in the cold. Luckily I had dressed Katai up in her nice warm blanket so I wasn't concerned about her. It's times like this when I especially love full board :-)

I finally got my car fixed and got to see my pony tonight. I had decided that based on the recent lack of consistent work and the chance that her feet might still be a little tender it would be a good idea to lunge instead of riding. I ended up being happy that I had! She, for the first time since I've got her, threw out a HUGE buck. I'm not sure that she would have bucked with me riding but it certainly showed that she was feeling better. She seemed stiff but not nearly as tender and was moving out really well. I did decide that I'm going to do mainly lunge work this week to continue to give her feet some time and to get her body loosened up and her muscles working again before I ask her to carry me again.

My plan for the week is;

Saturday - Lunge the pony, using the whole arena, at walk trot and canter in full tack. Work more with the clipper, bring extra stuff from locker and start to organize for move.

Sunday - Lunge pony in full tack and maybe introduce some cavaletti. Work more with clipper. Wash saddle pads and blankets.

Monday - Day off

Tuesday - Possibly ride. Work more with clippers.

Wednesday - Lunge in full tack with cavaletti. Work with clipper

Thursday - Ride or day off - Clipper work if I ride.

Friday - Ride or day off - Clipper work if I ride.

Saturday - Ride but also would like to clip pony! I think she's almost ready now and after about a week of clipper desensitization I'm sure she'll be ready. Now that I'm moving to a barn with a heated arena, she'll be back in a more steady work schedule, and it's getting warmer outside. My plan is something like this,

only without the neck clip since I don't have a hood. I'll also leave most of her belly covered. Then as it gets warmer I could clip a bit more off.

I'm so excited to get more pony time this week!

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