Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have so many things to write about! I have been doing the things, just not writing about the things but I am happy to report that my pony is quickly becoming an incredible little athlete as well as a very mature and well behaved equine. I will catch everyone up on our progress soon, including pictures I promise, but for now I just want to catch up on some awesome VCBHs.

"Yay imagination time!  Well more imagination time for some of us and a tiny bit less for the rest of us. This week's blog hop is..... If you could/were so inclined to breed your horse (1.. let's not get into the issues of backyard breeding and 2.. let's pretend your horse is a mare if it's not) WHO would you breed your horse to and Why!"

Luckily enough, don't you roll your eyes, I do have a mare and while I'm sure I will never breed her I have done some "what if" thinking. Be warned that I haven't put any real thought into what Katai needs improved or if these particular stallions could make any of those improvements. Mostly this is just a case of "ooooooo pretty!"

1. Aspen Way Gala Night

To me, this is the way a horse should look. I adore every thing about him.

Plus he has dressage skillz.

2. Gladheart Linhawk

Gladheart is a 13.3 hand Morgan stallion that has been shown to PSG. 

You would think that I have a thing for black horses but actually its really not my favorite color, these two just happen to be black.

Ideally I'd want the foal to mature to 13.3-14.2 hands.

VCBH: Bit it Up

" I want to hear all about what bit you ride your current beastie in and why!"

I ride Katai in a Neue Schule Eggbutt. Its a pricy bit but it is also the only bit I could find that came not only smaller in width but also in diameter. Katai wears a 4.5" bit, and even that is fairly loose, and has a very low pallet. One of the first bits I tried on her made her extremely fussy and something seemed weird so I pulled open her lips and looked and discovered that she couldn't even get close to closing her mouth. Talk about uncomfortable! I would be fussy too. When I switched to this bit I still expected some baby gnawing but she just went completely quiet in her mouth and still is. So much so that I've never used a flash and hope to never need to.
This bit is basically the equivilent of a pony sized Sprenger and I will never use anything else. Luckily they have several different styles so hopefully if I ever need to try anything else I will be able to find it in a Neue Schule.

Katai updates to follow!


  1. Those are some handsome fellows!

    1. I sure think so! Now I just need to win the lottery and buy a farm so that I can have baby poniez :-)

  2. Both are gorgeous!! I love Morgans. :D I had to look up the first stallion because I'd never heard of him. His website says British Riding Pony. Never heard of it, but I like him! Good choices!

    1. They tend to have a lot of thoroughbred in them and I think many of them are extremely beautiful. Some of them have such long thin legs that I just can't imagine they would withstand much riding but they are very delicate looking.