Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Splurge

I finally have a pair of nice riding boots! I ended up with a little "extra" money this weekend because surprisingly I sold my broken down car. A couple of boys bought it to part out and I got more for it than if I had salvaged it like I thought I was going to have to do. Most if it is going to my credit cards but I've been sorely needing some real riding boots so I finally caved and went shopping.

I've honestly never had a nice pair of boots that really fit. The best I've done was a pair of wonderful Mountain Horse riding boots but because I had fat calves at that point I had to go with two foot sizes too large to try to make the calf fit and I still ended up killing the zipper because they were too tight.

The tack shop near me was having a sale on "winter" boots so I bought a pair of these.

I <3 them.

I've been wanting something like them for a really long time but thought I would go with a different style. When I tried them on though these were clearly the most comfortable and my favorites.

I also finally ordered a bridle that will fit her. I was trying to make do with the one I have which I got for $25 from Horze. Although I like it I never meant for it to be more than a schooling bridle and with her long winter hair the noseband isn't fitting at all and I need it to be. The new one should be here in a couple of weeks.

In other updates the new Thrush medication got to me on Saturday but I didn't pick it up until today. I brought it to the barn with me when I went today and put it in her hooves for the first time. I meant to get pictures to compare with how they'll look in a few days but she was upset about her boyfriend screaming to her and wouldn't stand still. I'm hoping to get out there tomorrow and will take pictures then.

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