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The Year of the Horse

Tonight when I went out to check on Katai, pull her blanket off and make sure that she was in one piece underneath and she looked like this ->

but I think she thought that she looked like this ->

Or this ->

I am really liking her new blanket. It's my first ever heavy weight blanket and a few years ago I NEVER thought that I would be using a heavy weight blanket on a horse I owned much less a PONY I own but she was actually loosing weight from the cold weather and now she is maintaining nicely.

She is just so cute! Once she had her blanket off and had been thoroughly inspected I free longed her for a little while which is when she turned into fire eating dragon pony and then put her blanket back on, fed her grain, and brought her back to her pasture.

As far as 2014 goes it has been going great so far! My old car died on the last day of the old year and I got a new on on the 1st. It is so nice to be confident about my car again and to know that it will go where I want it to…