Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving Day

The message came on Thursday from Dan, the name of the person who is now boarding Katai, that the pastures were all cut and he was ready for me to move her. This morning worked for both of us so I got up early, hooked up the truck and loaded the pony. Despite being in raging heat from the neighbor's gelding she was really very well behaved.

The drive went well and was about half an hour which is perfect to continue to slowly get Katai more used to riding in the trailer. I was nervous but I didn't kill anybody and drove safely even though its only my second time, for more than five minutes, driving with the trailer. She unloaded well too even though she was very ready to be off and was a lady while we waited for Dan.

Dan was impressed with her behavior which was nice because that's been a goal for me. She really did well with meeting his gelding as well who is named Sav, which is short for something but I'm not exactly sure what :)

We let them meet on lunge lines and there was no squealing or striking. They were good and calm so we let them go and they trotted around the pasture.

Sav has been on his own for awhile and was obviously happy to be meeting a new herd member. I'm happy that it looks like they are going to get along and the pasture is truly amazing. I will take more pictures once I'm there on my own. The horse area of the barn is small but very neat and clean and the access to the stall will be perfect.

My goal now is to work with her and get her riding well and behaving even better and them I will reassess, see where I am financially and possibly move her to a barn with more riding options and an arena. For now though I really love her new home :)

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