Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo Dump Friday

Katai has been doing really well mostly but her feet are ouchy so I didn't ride yesterday and won't be today either. She's not lame at all but I'm used to her gait to the point where I can tell that she is a little off.

The good news is that I now trust her well enough to let her out in the huge pasture with the four Thoroughbreds. It is so nice to see her out like that and able to interact with the others. It was always my goal to get her out with them but these four have a record of being pretty rough on new arrivals and they are 16 hands and over so I just didn't want to risk it.

Also, she was spooky enough, and naughty enough, when I got her that there was no way I was going to risk letting her out there and not being able to catch her.

Luckily after the winter and spring of letting them meet across the fence but keeping them separated they were totally disinterested when I put them together. Also with the extra handling she's been extremely easy to catch. Of course treats help :)

I think she looks like she's an excellent weight in these pictures. She is just such a cutie. I adore this pony!!

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