Saturday, November 17, 2012

Katai is Stubborn

Well, Katai really is stubborn but the word katai means stubborn in Japanese.

It was actually a mistake of my mom who wanted me to name her after a character in one of her favorite series of books by Jim Butcher. I found out when I read the book that it was actually spelled kitai which means expectation and hope in Japanese lol! By that point she had been Katai for a few months and, to be honest, it sort of fits :-)

When I first went to pick her up I was unable to get her on the trailer after four hours and I have NEVER been completely unable to load a horse before. I went back by myself the next day and did get her on with some more work. However, after a relieved ride home when I unloaded her she proceeded to duck under every single fence on the property. They are all electric but they are also set for thoroughbreds and are high enough that she didn't have an issue going right under. After locking her in "pony prison" a tall pipe pen for a few weeks I was able to arrange to lower the electric tape in an area so that she and Myshla have more space to move around.

Katai also had some really bad habits. She had a way of getting loose from people by rearing up and back and twisting sideways. She also refused to pick up her feet and to move forward or away from me when asked. Luckily I have trained stubborn ponies in the past and now she is getting so much better :-)

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