Past Goals

Completed Goals - 2015
- continue with clipper desensitization
- perfect trailer loading – On this last barn move she hopped right in despite the wind blowing and the trailer being completely different than she's ever ridden in so I'm pretty confident in her trailering skills.
- get used to riding around other horses and busy warm up areas – Still get a little nervous when a horse goes past quickly but really does pretty well.
- listen to outside leg cues – 90% there in February
- get a halt that regularly lasts at least 20 seconds by the end of February
- find someone to take regular lessons with by the end of February
- renew my subscription to Dressage Today and read every article –Subscribed but haven't received any yet
- update the name of this blog (I promise it will be the last time)
- more understanding of whip cues - not or ignore - by the middle of the year
- nicer canter transitions (less choppy trotting) by the end of March
- stay still for mounting – This has actually gone downhill
- take regular lessons - at least once per month – Weekly lessons for the win!
- learn to keep my lower leg back on a regular basis – Still need to make some progress but it’s amazing what a better saddle will do!
- practice a more proper arm position
- gain miles in the saddle
- get a new job and move to a metro location (more on this in a future post) – Woohoo! My biggest success for the year
- save up and purchase a saddle that fits both of us better – Love it!!
- Order the saddle by the end of June – Yay!
- make good turnout a habit (pretend I'm getting ready to ride for George Morris everyday lol) – I’ve been sooo much better about this!

Goals I’ve given up on for 2015 or forever
- add more structured lunging - at least 3-4 times per month – Haven’t lunged at all since she goes hollow and doesn’t work through her back. Not a good goal at this point.
- show in three dressage schooling shows with at least one at training level – Just not going to get there this year
- practice with show environments by trailering off property at least five times this year – also just not going to happen this year
- get at least three massages in 2015 – Not going to happen but a good goal for next year
- perfect standing tied to the trailer – no way to practice this at this point
- begin trying training level tests by the end of May – Good goal for early next year I think
- one 10K by the end of June, and Ragnar (total of about 13 miles) again in the late summer
- regain jumping skills :-) – I do want to go over some small jumps at some point but with where we are right now I just don’t think this is a good goal for this year.
- ride different horses – Just not a necessary goal at this point

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