Wish List

A list of all the things I have my eye on for future purchase! 

Amazingly enough this list is dwindling. When I first started purchasing things for my dressage pony I had a huge thing for saddle pads and I think part of it was that they were affordable and fun. Since I've been able to save up and purchase nicer equipment such as saddles, bridles, girths etc as well as building up a nice saddle pad collection I've become more interested in nice riding clothes. Now that's a lot of what's on my list but some of the other more "silly" items here are things I'll slowly save up for as well.

B Vertigo Breeches

I don't think I'll end up purchasing other high quality breeches at this point since these are just my favorite. Between the amazing fit, craftsmanship, and material used I'm a huge B Vertigo fangirl.

These are all $180 and up so definitely something to save up for!

Nice Show Shirts

Defiantly not something to invest in soon since I'm still not sure when Katai will be able to hold it together for a show but, I would really like to get a couple of nice show shirts.

Show Saddle Pad

Right now I have a black saddle pad for shows for Katai but I'd much rather go with Grey, cream, or brown for her with her coloring. Mattes pads fit so well and are very flattering to her small self with the eurocut style. I'd like to get something like this only without the fleece.

Another Bridle

Certainly not anytime soon but at some point I'd really love to have another bridle. I think bridles are gorgeous things and when I was purchasing my PS of Sweden Flying Change bridle I really waffled between that one and the Chameleon. At some point it would be fun to have both!


Of course now that I have a PS of Sweden bridle and another on my wishlist I'd love to get more of their Clickit Browbands.

Back On Track Sheet

I've heard great things and with Katai's increase in workload recently it would be nice to be able to use something like this to be sure she's feeling her best :)

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