Friday, November 29, 2019


Not of the Christmas kind. I made it out to the barn tonight after not being able to go Wednesday (snowstorm) and Thursday (Thanksgiving) and finally trotted Katai in hand. She was super lame, much like last Wednesday the day before the vet got there.

I texted my vet and we had a phone call this evening and he's worried as am I. We have a plan but it includes a much more extensive vet visit and based on Katai's overall lack of improvement so far I'm getting pretty worried that we're looking at something more serious.

If you could send jingles, prayers, positive thoughts, or whatever that would be very appreciated.

After the vet call I walked next door to the park and watched fireworks to distract myself.
My heart wasn't really in it though


  1. Sending so many positive thoughts! Fingers crossed so hard she's making you worry for nothing♥️

  2. Sending a ton of positive thoughts. Could it be an abscess? Irish often had off and on lameness for weeks before it blew.

    1. I'm wishing so much for an abscess right now. Unfortunately all of us (myself, everyone at the barn who's seen her trot, and the vet) think it's higher up in the leg. She seems to be favoring the part in the stride where she lifts and stretches her leg forward. Plus, not that this is conclusive, but the vet checked that foot with hoof testers and she wasn't reactive.

  3. Oh no, thinking of you guys <3 Fingers crossed for a mild diagnosis.

  4. Sending all the positive thoughts! Intermittent lameness (especially in winter) is such a heartache. At least if she’s getting turned out in the paddock she’s icing her leg daily? Hope the vet has some not terrible news for you soon :(



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