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Upward Trends and Downward Spirals

Recently I've really noticed how some of the things I used to spend a lot of time on are swapping with some of the things I didn't spend as much time on. I just thought it was sort of interesting but if this is boring feel free to skip!

Upward Trends:

Who else thinks that most clipart is funny
  • Riding: It's crazy how a year ago I was averaging 3-4 trips to the barn a week and now I'm at 4-6. Prior to a year ago I was likely averaging closer to 2-3 trips to the barn a week which seems insane to me now!
  • Grooming: I'll admit that when I was growing up with horses I didn't even pick hooves most of the time (unless we'd just ridden on our gravel road) and typically I probably brushed the dirt off under the saddle and girth. Even as recently as a year ago with Katai I wasn't doing much for grooming and was typically just using a stiff brush to get the dirt off. Now I'm using multiple brushes each time I work with her and brushing every part of her body. I also do more with her mane and tail than I used to.
  • Bathing: Sort of in the same bucket as grooming but I'll call this one out separately since it's a bit more work. I can probably count on one hand the number of times that I'd bathed Katai up until this year. Now she's already gotten a few bathes this year and I'm planning at least 1-2 more this month to get her ready for the show. 

Downward Spirals:

For example, who thought of this?
  • Shopping: Not that I'm not shopping but I used to spend a decent amount of time admiring things like saddle pads, bridles, halters, polo wraps (things I didn't really need), etc online or shopping at tack shops and now I spending more of that time riding. I think it's a combination of now owning things I really love (so not feeling like I need to shop) and actually spending more of my time riding.
  • Cleaning Tack: Again, now that I'm riding more I'm just not feeling like I need to fill my time cleaning tack or doing other horse related things to feel fulfilled :)
  • Lunging: I was lunging or grooming for at least 1-2 of my trips to the barn before. Now because I'm more effective riding I ride for most of my trips to the barn. This wouldn't necessarily be the "right" answer for most horses but because Katai can get so locked up through her back it's way more effective for me to ride most of the time.
Overall I feel like because I'm actually riding more and feeling like we're making progress I'm feeling less need to fill my time doing other misc things. I think that those things used to help me feel like a rider when I wasn't actually making progress with my riding. 


  1. This is interesting! I am wondering if I have changed some things.

    1. Yay! I almost didn't share this because I wasn't sure if it would be interesting to anyone besides me haha

  2. I think it's an interesting point how you write about using some of these activities to "fill the time" that you're now able to use more effectively or productively for riding. esp now that Charlie can do more "real" riding stuff as opposed to just bopping around for 15min getting the hang of things, I feel a bit similarly

  3. The point about shopping is very interesting. Not that I have ever spent a lot of money on saddle pads and breeches, but I'm even less inclined than ever to shop now that things are going well riding. It's a true theory I think!

    1. I think it's sort of an interesting thing to think about. In some ways I feel like I needed to do those other things to feel like I wasn't an imposter and now that I'm actually not feeling like an imposter I don't need to do those things.

  4. "I think that those things used to help me feel like a rider when I wasn't actually making progress with my riding."
    ^I think this is scarily true of myself as well

    Sounds like some positive changes overall with the up and down!

  5. I agree with the shopping too...interesting!


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