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Sunday Photo Share

I don't have too much to share beyond that I had an AMAZING time at the beach this morning and really enjoyed my meal at Native Foods. I was going to spend more time in Portland but the traffic even 30-40 minutes away from Portland was nuts and it was hot so I just didn't feel like driving into the city mainly just to eat lunch or dinner.

Instead I'll share the pictures that I took over the past few days!

Space needle from the Uber on the way to Pikes Place Market

Planning to go back tomorrow to get some produce!

Schilling cider bar in Fremont with a colleague, we had two flights and
ended up finishing everything except the hot pepper cider. It was spicy!!

This cider from Moonlight was our favorite.
Over 13% alcohol and sweet and toasty going down :)

Only at an AirBnB would you have
cherries waiting for you in an antique bowl
I passed Devonwood on the way to my AirBnB. I would have LOVED to have gone and checked it out but there were signs posted that it was private and I know they wouldn't appreciate me poking around. There was supposed to be a schooling show scheduled this weekend and I would have loved to have gone but it was canceled :(
I was hoping to see some horses but didn't. On the way
back to town I saw SOOO many trailers though!

Proposal rock

Had to get a picture of the mountain. Not a common sight for me!

I ended up having an interesting experience at Gallops. I walked in and said hi to the sales people and let them know I was just shopping, when they asked, all said with a smile. I grabbed a bunch of stuff to try and asked about where I could find the fitting rooms. The woman who was working made a face and said "you must have not been here before?" Thinking she was just curious I smiled and laughed and said that no, I was from MN. She looked at me sideways, not teasing, and said "well everyone who rides seriously has been here before". I sort of laughed it off but it was awkward and seemed rude to me. Then as I was going to get more stuff to try she caught me and asked if I was moving to OR or just visiting. I said visiting, again with a smile on my face, and she just nodded at me and didn't say anything else.

Just so weird! I probably would have bought something (I still want a hot pink C4 Belt and they had one) but I just couldn't after how weird it got so I tried on a few more things and then left. Really cool place though and I'm sure that's not normal. Maybe my accent scared her off haha.
Nice saddle selection!


  1. Nice photos. I can't believe that person at Gallop! That was beyond rude.

    1. Thank you!! It's tough to capture just how gorgeous the beach was. I'm glad it wasn't just me!

  2. What a weird thing for a salesperson to say to somebody!

    1. Ok good, for awhile I thought maybe it was just me but it was just such a weird interaction from someone in a customer service setting.

  3. oh man, i love the PNW tho!! such a cool area

    1. Me too!! The beach was just what I needed and it's unbelievable how calming it was to just hang out there for a few hours.

  4. What a weird salesperson! It looks like you had a great time anyway, though!

    1. It really was odd. I'm sure the other sales people were lovely :)

  5. ahhh..customer service is lacking somewhere!

    1. I know right? Just not sure what happened there. I didn't have any interactions with the other people working but they sounded lovely.

  6. Sounds like a weird store, but the rest of the trip sounds fun.

    1. Certainly a different interaction than I'm used to but who knows if I did something that she took offense to haha


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